Saturday, 8 December 2007

Gemma Atkinson 2008 Calendar

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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Cerys Matthews and Marc Bannerman Meet Up

The cash tills were ringing out for Cerys Matthews and Marc Bannerman as they finally met up again after their so called jungle romance.

And where did they meet? In private where they could talk freely? Of course not. They chose The Sloop Pub in Fishguard for a magazine photoshoot. Who said romance is dead!

And strangly enough The Sloop just happened to be also linked to Cerys Matthews marriage to Seth Riddle. See it gets more romantic every minute.

Cerys had already told a weekend tabloid that she 'wants to take things slowly and spend lots of time with her kids'.

Romance? Huh! Even if there is something between them, this is really all about making money and cashing in on their I'm A Celeb fame. Suppose you can't blame them.

Christopher Biggins With Jane Goldman

The King of the Jungle, Christopher Biggins, is certainly doing the rounds. Last night (Dec 5, 2007) he was out and about again. This time at the British Comedy Awards 2007 held at the London Television Studios. He is pictured with Jane Goldman.

Christopher Biggins and Jane Goldman
Christopher Biggins and Jane Goldman
Photo: Daniel Deme / WENN

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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Christopher Biggins At The Ivy

Christopher Biggins and Joan CollinsChristopher Biggins is doing his best to put back all of the weight that he lost on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Here's Biggins with his friend, Joan Collins, leaving the Ivy Restaurant yesterday.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Gemma Atkinson Photos

For Gemma Atkinson admirers here are photos of her both in the jungle and glamour shots prior to the show.

If only Gemma Atkinson had shown a bit more personality during I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here she could easily have gone on and won. But it wasn't to be.

Gemma Atkinson showing a nipple
Gemma Atkinson jungle bikini pic
Gemma Atkinson glamour photo
Gemma Atkinson cleavage
Gemma Atkinson nipple slip on night out

Christopher Biggins I'm A Celebrity Winner

As expected Christopher Biggins was voted King Of The Jungle fortunately leaving Janice Dickinson and J Brown in second and third. Out of the three it had to be Biggins! So the bookies got it right.

Biggins burst into tears on hearing he had won but afterwards joked about the money he hoped to make. He thought that perhaps he could become a model for M&S like Myleene Klass. He laughed, "I buy my underwear from Marks. I should be the new model for the older, larger man."

Neil, Christopher Biggin's partner, was there to greet him. They went through a 'wedding' type ceremony last year.

So all ended happily with the right winner. Now if only Gemma Atkinson had a personality ... but, like J, nice and attractive but dull!

It's thought that Biggins will cash in considerably and should top a million earnings next year. The world is his oyster. Not bad for three weeks in the jungle.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Cerys Matthews And The Stories About Marc Bannerman

Cerys Matthews family are hoping that she will take things slowly with Marc Bannerman. Marc hasn't exactly had the best publicity over the last few days.

His girlfriend, Sarah Matravers, has alleged that she was 'viciously beaten' by him during their stormy relationship. She claims she was so terrified at the time that she 'stuck her arm through a window pane' believing it was the only way to stop him beating her. She says, "There was a bruise on my back and I had ten stitches in my arm so it was pretty nasty."

Marc Bannerman has denied the assault.

Cerys and Marc In The Jungle
Marc and Cerys in the jungle
Someone else has also cashed in and has claimed that Marc Bannerman was a 'real baddie.' This time it's singer Sophia Port who was in panto with him.

Sophia port said, "He’s 14 years older than me but he used to try it on with me all the time. I didn’t know he had a girlfriend until she started turning up to all the shows. She was always checking up on him. She used to wait outside every night to make sure he didn’t go out with the cast."

Also a 25 year old barmaid from Northampton, Meg Raphael, reckons she romped with Marc prior to him joining I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Let's hope Cerys Matthews knows what she is doing as she seems very vulnerable. It wouldn't be pleasant to see her hurt. Cerys told Anna Ryder Richardson, "I’m so excited now about life outside. I’m so excited about coming out and preparing for Christmas."

Fingers crossed that it doesn't all end in tears.

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Saturday, 24 November 2007

Gemma Atkinson And Myleene Klass Take A Shower

The question now is: Who is the shower Queen of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here? Is is Myleene Klass or Gemma Atkinson?

On this page two photos so that you can compare their contributions to the show.

The best news, however, is that Lynne Franks has been evicted. Thank goodness for that. How on earth did she last so long? Friends in high places perhaps.

But what about Cerys Matthews having the second lowest votes. Is the tide turning against her because of the Cerys - Mark Bannerman - Sarah Matravers triangle? It will be interesting to see how the voting goes tonight.

And well done to Anna Ryder Richardson and Rodney Marsh for doing well in their Bushtucker trial and getting all of the stars. Anna certainly needed something to bring her into the show more. Mind you it's surprising how the I'm A Celeb editing influences what happens.

One thing we can say for certain: This is the best I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here since ... the last one!

Friday, 23 November 2007

Gemma Atkinson Bikini Clad And Flying

To brighten things today two contrasting photos of Gemma Atkinson - one in her bikini and the other flying through the air on a trial. She may be as dull as ditch water but she certainly scrubs up well!

Gemma Atkinson in her bikini washing

Can't understand why Lynne Franks doesn't get voted out, she must have some appeal to a lot of viewers. Katie Hopkins, who was voted out last night, has been quite pleasant and did her trial well. It looks like once you have a reputation it sticks with you in this years I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Anna must be keeping her fingers crossed that it's not her packing her bag tonight. What has she really done on the show? Not very much.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Marc Bannerman Evicted As Girlfriend Flies Home

Marc Bannerman evicted from jungleWell nearly everyone got it wrong! Marc Bannerman was evicted from I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here last night. Lynne Franks and Katie Hopkins survive a little longer.

How come no one seemed to see Marc's eviction in advance? It even fooled the bookies and tabloids.

It must have been because of the fuss Sarah Matravers generated on seeing the latest of the Marc and Cerys Matthews love-in. Sarah has, after all, been with Marc for two years. She flew into Brisbane and then jetted back to London leaving Marc to it. He wants to go straight home and sort things out. Not sure his reception will be too good!

Sarah Matravers angryIs he now viewed as the bad guy in all of this? He did say, when talking about Cerys, "Nothing happened between us at all but it's really difficult not to crave a little bit of love." Strewth, he'd only been on the show for 12 days.

Otherwise it was all calm on the I'm A Celeb front. Oh, except for the bust up between Lynne, Janice Dickinson and John Burton Race of course. Please get Lynne out of the jungle - but voting will no doubt cause a few more surprises.

At last it's all getting a bit interesting.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Gemma Atkinson As Dull As Ditch Water

Gemma Atkinson dull as ditch waterSo it's voting for eviction time on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. It's got to be Lynne Franks surely - please!

Mind you, if Gemma Atkinson wasn't so good looking, she would also be a contender for removal. She's been as dull as ditch water so far. She's also keeping well covered up, as are the other girls, because of all of the flies about in the camp. Gemma really needs something like a Myleene Klass shower moment to make herself seem interesting.

A Cerys and Marc loving momentSarah Matravers, Marc Bannerman's live-in girlfriend, has flown into Brisbane saying that her life is 'on hold' because of the Marc / Cerys Matthews situation. But, as she says, what can she do if he's fallen in love with Cerys. Or is everyone being manipulated? Sarah did seem very happy in herself when interviewed.

The bookies are giving 10/1 on Sarah slapping Marc's face when he leaves the show!

Favourite to be evicted first is, thankfully, Lynne with Katie Hopkins as second least liked. Katie, however, hasn't been too bad since she settled in.

At the moment Christopher Biggins is favourite to win but if Cerys 'falls for Marc' then who knows, she could be a winner. Read more about Cerys here, including photos from her singing days.

Good to see Jason doing something at long last and winning ten stars partnering Janice. He really needed this as he has been too much in the background. Not quite ditch water but not far from it.

I'm A Celeb is On ITV1 tonight at 9pm tonight. Don't forget to record it if you are watching England on BBC1.

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Monday, 19 November 2007

Cerys Wants Marc To Dance Naked Before He Gets Into Her Bed

Cerys and Marc flirting She's not happy! Marc Bannerman's wife Sarah Matravers, that is.

She said, "I want to march into the jungle, haul her out and say, 'He's mine, get off!' Cerys is a home wrecker."

It's all because Marc and Cerys Matthews flirting is getting hotter in the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here camp.

Cerys told Marc, "If you can't sleep, right, come and tap me on the shoulder and you can get in my bed."

Marc answered, "So what will you do again? Run that by me again."

Cerys keeps in trimCerys elaborated, "As long as you're naked, come up to my bed, tap on my shoulder, do a dance and then I'll get out. Get your clothes off, stretch, dance round the fire and say, 'I can't sleep on that hammock.' I'll go, 'All right handsome, do us a dance and I'll get in your hammock'. Then you get in my bed and go to sleep."

Marc confided in Jason, "Oh my god. Just makes my heart crumble. Oh..." And then he started to sing, "There may be trouble ahead, but while there's moonlight and music and love and romance."

"Really?" asked Jason.

"Yeah, mate," answered Marc.

So you can see why his wife Sarah might be a little miffed!

Celebrity Grumbles
Celebs including Cerys Matthews and Jason said they would sleep all day unless they got treats to perk them up.

A couple of hours later a box of vitamin drinks was brought into camp. An I'm A Celeb bloke admitted, "It’s not something we do all the time. We just don’t want footage of them lying around asleep. It would be dreadful TV."

John Immune
John Burton Race has won immunity from the first vote after staying in a Land Rover for six hours.

This was a Bush Battle where John, Jason, Gemma Atkinson, and Katie Hopkins had to see who could remain in the vehicle for longest to win the immunity. Katie remained for the second longest time but had to leave because of a call of nature.

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Sunday, 18 November 2007

I'm A Celeb Nudity And Other Peckers

No doubt it's where a lot of us hoped Lynne Franks would end up! Suspended over pecking ostriches.

Lynne Franks Bushtucker trial
Lynne had to do a Bushtucker trial with the plastic Janice Dickinson. Janice controlled the controls that swung Lynne over hungry ostriches - and, ha ha ha! - she had food strapped to her seat.

Lynne Franks and the Ostriches
Between them the odd couple had to get eleven stars by Lynne picking them up with her feet in the ostrich compound. They managed seven, but slightly more cross words.

A Nude In The Jungle
Rodney Marsh nudeYes, the first full nude was in the jungle but, unfortunately for most I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here fans it turned out to be Rodney Marsh!

As for Gemma Atkinson the News of the World reckons she is now desperate for sex. They write today:

The busty babe is considering taking matters in her own hands.

"Rodney won't mind if I have a bash on his hammock, will he?" said the 34E babe to hunky J who replied: "Bash one out?"

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Saturday, 17 November 2007

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Rumbles

Gemma Atkinson showers in the jungleAre they just mirages? Jason Brown and Gemma Atkinson that is. The way in which I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is edited neither of them have imposed their personality on the show. They both look very nice, but it would be good to see a bit more of them actually doing something.

Perhaps it's a tactic. Stay in the background, stay out of trouble and then become King or Queen of the jungle. Time will tell.

Rumour About Richard and Fred
It's reported that the Right Said Fred brothers Richard and Fred Fairbrass have secretly jetted in to Brisbane. They’re staying at the Palazzo Versace hotel until ... well, until they are needed for I'm A Celeb. You may remember they were tipped to be contestants.

Gemma Loves Marcus
It's been let out of the bag that Gemma Atkinson is still smitten by footballer Marcus Bent. She is said to be pining for the Wigan striker while in the jungle.

The necklace she wears (the one with the 'G') is said to be from him, a present for her 23rd birthday.

She's doing okay while she's in I'm A Celeb though as the lingerie brand Ultimo is launching a new Gemma Atkinson swimwear collection. For some reason her specially made bikinis have generated a lot of attention.

Sarah Matravers - Marc's girlfriendMarc and Cerys Saga
Mark Bannerman told Christopher Biggins about what his girlfriend will think of him and Cerys Matthews, "She will be jealous and stuff at home I think or she'll be fretting that I'm about to run off with someone else I think."

But then what does Marc do? He cuddles up cosily with Cerys and tells her, "Well, this is nice darling. Do you miss having a little cuddle? Out in the wilderness. You feel so lonely don't you?"

Is it any wonder that the left at home Sarah Matravers has steam coming out of her ears.

Biggins on Beckham
Biggins knows Victoria and David and he sums them up by telling Rodney Marsh, "I love personally Beckham. I don’t like her. Euch, she’s horrible, the way he conducts himself is fantastic. Exemplary."

Rodney Marsh Sexist!
The albatross that is Rodney has been talking about his views on women. he was talking tongue in cheek, at least in part when he asked, "What has a woman ever invented?"

He followed this up with other searching questions such as: "How many women scientists are there?" and "Would you fly a plane flown by two women?"

His final remark about childbirth didn't exactly endear him to the girls, "I don't think it can be too painful actually. You know when you break a leg playing football that's got to be more painful."

He then backtracked a little and said, "It's a joke. Women have no sense of humour."

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Friday, 16 November 2007

Cerys And Marc Plus A Bugged Biggins

Christopher Biggins after the Bushtucker trialSo Christopher Biggins was heading for I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here after all. In he walked and straightaway into a Bushtucker trial - fortunately for the other contestants.

The mouthy one, Janice Dickinson, was voted to do the trial but once again chickened out. She talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.

Biggins did his best and won some food for the camp.

Otherwise what about the looks between Cerys Matthews and Marc Bannerman. No wonder Marc's girlfriend, Sarah Matravers, is getting a bit miffed watching. When talking about I'm A Celeb she said, "So get me in there and I'll throttle him."

She does admit though that, "Marc is a very tactile person and we all enjoy a good flirt."

But is getting together on Cerys's bed just 'being tactile'? The photo below shows them together. It's not over clear but it was night time!

Cerys and Marc Cuddle Up
Mark Visits Cerys At Night
Cerys looks at MarcAnd did you notice the expression on the face of Cerys when Marc cuddled Katie Hopkins? There's a look of something in her eyes - is she smitten?

Gossip Snippit
A recent snippit overheard in the Jungle:

"I know, what if I walk in the camp naked. Like Eve!"

Who said this? Answer: Janice!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Katie Hopkin's Coffin Bushtucker Trial

There was nothing like this on the Apprentice for Katie Hopkins! Here she was on an I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Bushtucker trial getting into a coffin (1st photo).

The coffin was closed so there was no light and in poured 20,000 cockroaches (2nd photo). Once they were safely inside the coffin was on the move across the ravine (3rd photo).

Katie Hopkins showed guts and stuck it out for the full ten minutes winning ten meals for the camp. Well done Katie!

I'm A Celebrity Gemma and Cerys Bikini Photos

Cerys Matthews exercisingThere seems to be two topics of conversation about I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Firstly the bushtucker trial and secondly bikinis. The bikinis of Cerys Matthews and Gemma Atkinson, that is. Though to be fair we did have Anna Ryder Richardson trying to compete in her bikini - see yesterdays post.

Gemma Atkinson Bikini Photos
Gemma Atkinson bikini photo

Gemma Atkinson bikini picture
The bikini shots are probably the most talked about as seeing Janice Dickinson's face contorting at the thought of eating various living creatures wasn't exactly attractive.

Janice Dickinson Bushtucker Face
Janice Dickinson thinking about croc dick
Needless to say Janice didn't win the Bushtucker trial, that honour went to John Burton Race who munched on locusts, silkworms and a crocodile penis. This made Janice say, "My name may be Dickinson but I'm not going to eat a croc dick."

Going back to the bikinis Rodney Marsh went straight to the point, so to speak, with Cerys and said, "Can I ask a personal question? Are your t*ts real? They’re perfectly shaped?"

Cerys replied, "I’ve got my super-bra on. Deduce what you like."

Cerys Matthews Red Bikini
Cerys Matthews red bikini pic
Gossip Snippits
Here are some recent snippits overheard in the Jungle.

Janice says Rodney has great comedic timing.

Rodney tells Gemma she has a good head on her shoulders for someone so young.

Lynne reckons Marc reminds her of filmmaker Cassius Coleman.

And Gemma explained that she's not too keen on modelling, "Well I've just finished a British feature film and really enjoyed it. I just do modelling to fill in the dry patches. They always involve long days, getting hair and make up done - and I'm the complete opposite."

Gemma is turning out to be quite different to the image created by the tabloids.

Watch I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Tonight: ITV1 8 pm and 10 pm.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Anna Ryder Richardson Bikini Photo

An extra post today of a photo of Anna Ryder Richardson in her bikini. It appears that Anna has suddenly become popular because of her bikini!

Anna Ryder Richardson Bikini Pic
Anna Ryder Richardson Bikini Photo

Cerys Matthews Is The New Favourite (And With Marc!)

Cerys Matthews the new favouriteThere is a new favourite to win I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and that's Cerys Matthews. Her odds have been cut by the bookies - at William Hills, for example, it's now only 3-1 for her to win.

Viewers have liked what they have seen of Cerys and especially for the glimpses of her in her red bikini. The questions has been asked: Has she had a boob job?

There is also a budding relationship developing between Cerys and Marc Bannerman. Here they are getting quite friendly in the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here photo below.

Cerys and Marc Get Friendly
Cerys Matthews and Mark Bannerman getting friendly
Marc has been to the Diary Room to try and explain things to his girlfriend - but he does get on well with Cerys. There is a definite spark.

Bushtucker Trial
Janice Dickinson beat Rodney Marsh in the last Bushtucker trial and didn't everyone know it! Poor old Rod looked quite deflated about 'being beaten by a woman'. He reckons his energy levels have dropped.

And now we've got to watch Janice all over again as she was voted to do the next trial as well. This time she's up against Crock Creek’s chef, the grumpy John Burton Race. Janice thinks she knows why she keeps getting picked. She said, it's because, "I’m more famous than the Pope." What is she on.

The next Bushtucker trial, between Jan and John, is the Sushi Train of Pain - eating live creatures! Should be interesting.

A wet Gemma Atkinson on a Treasure Chest missionJan has been talking to Gemma Atkinson about her boobs! "What!" she said, "They're not real? It looks so real."

So Gemma went on to explain about her silicone implants and why they look natural, "They are teardrop shaped, so they droop."

She also told Jan about how the operation left her unable to do anything for herself for two weeks.

She said, "I moved back in with my mum because I couldn't do anything, not even open the fridge. I couldn't brush my hair. I used to box, but I couldn't do that either." Did she really think she'd be able to box straight after the operation? Surely not.

All Change
The main change in the camps is that they are going to merge into one. This should make everything kick off a bit more as the celebs make new relationships.

Gossip Snippits
Here are some recent snippits overheard in the Jungle

Katie Hopkins wonders how many of Janice's thongs it would take to make up one pair of Lynne's big pants.

Gemma has a craving for Easter eggs and is desperate for some white chocolate.

J also known as Jason Brown tells Katie he has done nothing since Five split six years ago - saying some of the guys went 'cuckoo' from being in the band.

Anna Ryder Richardson and Cerys gossip about Katie. The Welsh favourite asked: "Did she sleep with Alan Sugar?"

Rodney asks Cerys to tell him about her relationship with the father of her kids, but she shakes her head. An uncomfortable silence falls, before she blurts out: "It just didn't work out."

Watch what happens on ITV1 tonight at 9 pm.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Katie Hopkins Moves Into The Jungle

Janice Dickinson in the first Bushtucker Trial Overnight a new contestant has arrived in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Katie Hopkins is the replacement in the Snake Rock camp for the running scared Malcolm McLaren. The good news is that it looks like Janice Dickinson approves of her!

Janice is obviously going to be good entertainment value whether you hate or love her. She's loud, argumentative, says what she thinks but ... underneath she's a bit vulnerable. She's not quite as hard as she presents herself.

She chickened out a little on the trial she did and also looked concerned when she knew she had to also do the next trial against Rodney Marsh.

Today though Janice has been back to annoying the others by giving out orders.

After the first few hours it seems like the nice guys are Marc and Jason and Cerys and Gemma for the girls. Things could change, of course, as we gradually get to know the contestants.

Anna Ryder Richardson may surprise us as she's determined to rival Gemma in the glamour stakes. She's thrown down the gauntlet by saying, "Anything you can do, I can do better," and her bikini is at the ready to prove it. She's already worn her leopard print bikini top. Cerys has been seen in red bikini bottoms.

Snake Rock:
Gemma, J, Janice, Lynne, Katie

Croc Creek:
Anna, Cerys, John, Mark, Rodney

Monday, 12 November 2007

I'm A Celebrity Starts With A 1000 Feet Bungee Jump

So I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here has kicked off and the television programme starts tonight on ITV1 at 9 pm.

The contestants have alreadsy made camp via kayak and 1000 feet bungee jumps out of a helicopter.

Anna Ryder-Richardson had to pluck up a lot of courage to follow Cerys Matthews and leap out of the helicopter. Understandably petrified tears were streaming down her face before she jumped.

Once Anna was lowered to the ground she said, "That was horrible, it was so horrible. I can't stand my legs are like jelly." She went on to say that it was worse than childbirth!

Cerys Matthews and Anna Ryder-Richardson preparing to bungee jump

And to think Malcolm McLaren is now saying the programme is fixed. He also said, "The trials are tricks to fool the public about a danger that isn't there." Wonder if he's ever jumped 1000 feet out of a helicopter. The man is moaning because he chickened out.

Of course, the bushtucker trials are well planned and tested to ensure no one is dangerously hurt - but they still have to be done. McLaren won't be missed he's a bit too full of himself. He reckoned that I'm A celeb were paying him £350,000 so that 'they had at least one famous face.' There's not much to add to that is there? Him, a famous face?

The bookies early favourites to win are Gemma (9-2), Marc (11-2), Jason (11-2) and Cerys (7-1).

Time will tell.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Malcolm McLaren Drops Out & Gemma Atkinson Makes A Splash


Gemma Atkinson in her bikini in AustraliaIt appears that Malcolm McLaren has pulled out of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! He made Australia but seems to have bottled out following a Health and Safety briefing. He didn't like the sound of those snakes - he supposedly as a fear of them, oh, and he doesn't like heights.

We are not really surprised about this as our post Malcolm McLaren Is Getting Jungle Cold Feet from October 22nd mentioned how he had doubts about the show. We quoted an I'm A Celeb person, who then said, "We are doing all we can to keep him. It's touch and go as to whether he'll be in the final line up now." Looks like they didn't do enough!

Christopher Biggins may be the replacement.

In the meantime, as can be seen from the photo, Gemma Atkinson has been on the beach showing off her bikini in the Aussie sunshine. She made quite a splash!

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Saturday, 10 November 2007

I'm A Celebrity Count Down - 2 Days To Go


Gemma Atkinson has her bikinis packedSo at last we have the official 10 contestants for I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

They are pretty much as thought, though a few names are missing. Of course though, there could be a few surprises thrown in during the series and some names may be held in reserve.

The Daily Mail today writes about Koo Stark not being included in the final 10. There headline asks: Was Koo too posh for the jungle grub-grabbers? They say she had 'been dumped' because she wouldn't really fit in with the others - but isn't that a lot of the fun? The programme bosses say that Koo would be considered for 2008!

The I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Official Line Up:

Gemma Atkinson
Aged 22, an actress come glamour model.

Malcolm McLaren
Age 61, a musician known for his connections with the Sex Pistols.

Anna Ryder Richardson
Age 43, a television presenter and interior designer.

Jason 'J' Brown
Age 31, singer with 5ive.

Cerys Matthews
Age 36, singer and songwriter,

Marc Bannerman
Age 34, actor, ex-Eastenders.

Janice Dickinson
Age 52, previous supermodel.

John Burton Race
Age 50, cook.

Lynne Franks
Age 59, PR guru

Rodney Marsh
Age 63, ex footballer, now pundit.

It's interesting that the batch of celebs they have finally settled on have an average of 45, with Gemma the youngest at 22 and Rodney the daddy at 63. You can see groups forming already.

The executive producer, Beth Hart says, "There will be no rules in camp this year. We will leave it to the celebrities to decide who sleeps where. We will be throwing surprises at them right from the word go."

Friday, 9 November 2007

I'm A Celebrity Countdown - 3 Days To Go


Gemma Atkinson arrives in BrisbaneWe should know the full, official I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! some time to today. In the meantime contestants have been arriving in Brisbane, Australia. Some late negotiations are still taking place.

Gemma Atkinson arrived saying, "I'm looking forward to meeting some jungle hunks." She was followed by Jason "J" Brown who reckoned, "Gemma's got some great assets – I'm definitely going to throw myself at anything in there." He also went on to say, "As for Bushtucker Trials, I'm up for anything. I'll give it all a go. I'll have a nibble on a crocodile's nadger – just as long as it's not an elephant's!"

Others already in Brisbane include: Marc Bannerman and John Burton Race.

Anna Ryder Richardson and Katie Hopkins have left the UK and should therefore touch down in Aussie today.

Malcolm McLaren, Janice Dickinson, Cerys Matthews expected in I'm A Celeb
Malcolm McLaren, Janice Dickinson, Cerys Matthews

Thursday, 8 November 2007

I'm A Celebrity Countdown - 4 Days To Go


Anna Ryder Richardson tipped for jungleThe grape vine is going mad guessing the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here line up.

Yesterday we mentioned that Lisa Robertson was an I'm A Celeb possible contestant. The story now is that she has been axed, supposedly because of protests from local Australians. It also seems the bosses think that an ex vice girl could give the programme (and the area) a bad reputation, or something like that. You can read more about Lisa here

The producers supposedly still haven't finalised the line up and a few newer names have been thrown into the melting pot.

Marc BannermanThe general feeling is that the following may now well be in the line up: Marc Bannerman (ex Eastenders Gianni Di Marco), Janice Dickinson (ex super model), Rodney Marsh (ex England footballer and now football pundit), Anna Ryder Richardson (designer), Jason 'J' Brown (from the band 5ive) plus ones we have previously mentioned: Gemma Atkinson, Katie Hopkins, Malcolm McLaren, Fred (and now perhaps Richard as well) Fairbrass and Koo Stark.

The spies in Australia reckon that Marc Bannerman, Anna Ryder Richardson and Katie Hopkins are already in the country.

The photo below is of Janice Dickinson in her prime. Janice is known as the first supermodel and is now 52 (born February 15, 1955). She claims to have had over 1000 lovers including many celebs such as Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger, Bruce Willis, Jack Nicholson and so on and on.

Janice Dickinson topless

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