Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Cerys Matthews Is The New Favourite (And With Marc!)

Cerys Matthews the new favouriteThere is a new favourite to win I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and that's Cerys Matthews. Her odds have been cut by the bookies - at William Hills, for example, it's now only 3-1 for her to win.

Viewers have liked what they have seen of Cerys and especially for the glimpses of her in her red bikini. The questions has been asked: Has she had a boob job?

There is also a budding relationship developing between Cerys and Marc Bannerman. Here they are getting quite friendly in the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here photo below.

Cerys and Marc Get Friendly
Cerys Matthews and Mark Bannerman getting friendly
Marc has been to the Diary Room to try and explain things to his girlfriend - but he does get on well with Cerys. There is a definite spark.

Bushtucker Trial
Janice Dickinson beat Rodney Marsh in the last Bushtucker trial and didn't everyone know it! Poor old Rod looked quite deflated about 'being beaten by a woman'. He reckons his energy levels have dropped.

And now we've got to watch Janice all over again as she was voted to do the next trial as well. This time she's up against Crock Creek’s chef, the grumpy John Burton Race. Janice thinks she knows why she keeps getting picked. She said, it's because, "I’m more famous than the Pope." What is she on.

The next Bushtucker trial, between Jan and John, is the Sushi Train of Pain - eating live creatures! Should be interesting.

A wet Gemma Atkinson on a Treasure Chest missionJan has been talking to Gemma Atkinson about her boobs! "What!" she said, "They're not real? It looks so real."

So Gemma went on to explain about her silicone implants and why they look natural, "They are teardrop shaped, so they droop."

She also told Jan about how the operation left her unable to do anything for herself for two weeks.

She said, "I moved back in with my mum because I couldn't do anything, not even open the fridge. I couldn't brush my hair. I used to box, but I couldn't do that either." Did she really think she'd be able to box straight after the operation? Surely not.

All Change
The main change in the camps is that they are going to merge into one. This should make everything kick off a bit more as the celebs make new relationships.

Gossip Snippits
Here are some recent snippits overheard in the Jungle

Katie Hopkins wonders how many of Janice's thongs it would take to make up one pair of Lynne's big pants.

Gemma has a craving for Easter eggs and is desperate for some white chocolate.

J also known as Jason Brown tells Katie he has done nothing since Five split six years ago - saying some of the guys went 'cuckoo' from being in the band.

Anna Ryder Richardson and Cerys gossip about Katie. The Welsh favourite asked: "Did she sleep with Alan Sugar?"

Rodney asks Cerys to tell him about her relationship with the father of her kids, but she shakes her head. An uncomfortable silence falls, before she blurts out: "It just didn't work out."

Watch what happens on ITV1 tonight at 9 pm.

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