Thursday, 6 December 2007

Cerys Matthews and Marc Bannerman Meet Up

The cash tills were ringing out for Cerys Matthews and Marc Bannerman as they finally met up again after their so called jungle romance.

And where did they meet? In private where they could talk freely? Of course not. They chose The Sloop Pub in Fishguard for a magazine photoshoot. Who said romance is dead!

And strangly enough The Sloop just happened to be also linked to Cerys Matthews marriage to Seth Riddle. See it gets more romantic every minute.

Cerys had already told a weekend tabloid that she 'wants to take things slowly and spend lots of time with her kids'.

Romance? Huh! Even if there is something between them, this is really all about making money and cashing in on their I'm A Celeb fame. Suppose you can't blame them.

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