Thursday, 22 November 2007

Marc Bannerman Evicted As Girlfriend Flies Home

Marc Bannerman evicted from jungleWell nearly everyone got it wrong! Marc Bannerman was evicted from I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here last night. Lynne Franks and Katie Hopkins survive a little longer.

How come no one seemed to see Marc's eviction in advance? It even fooled the bookies and tabloids.

It must have been because of the fuss Sarah Matravers generated on seeing the latest of the Marc and Cerys Matthews love-in. Sarah has, after all, been with Marc for two years. She flew into Brisbane and then jetted back to London leaving Marc to it. He wants to go straight home and sort things out. Not sure his reception will be too good!

Sarah Matravers angryIs he now viewed as the bad guy in all of this? He did say, when talking about Cerys, "Nothing happened between us at all but it's really difficult not to crave a little bit of love." Strewth, he'd only been on the show for 12 days.

Otherwise it was all calm on the I'm A Celeb front. Oh, except for the bust up between Lynne, Janice Dickinson and John Burton Race of course. Please get Lynne out of the jungle - but voting will no doubt cause a few more surprises.

At last it's all getting a bit interesting.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sarah has been a complete drama queen.All she is doing is making herself more famous than any of the show's 'celebs',and she is making herself richer with all her tales of woe.
Ppl have short memories,as she isnt such a nice woman herself,she famously once made very catty remarks about fat ppl shouldnt be allowed on tv [or something along those lines]