Monday, 26 November 2007

Cerys Matthews And The Stories About Marc Bannerman

Cerys Matthews family are hoping that she will take things slowly with Marc Bannerman. Marc hasn't exactly had the best publicity over the last few days.

His girlfriend, Sarah Matravers, has alleged that she was 'viciously beaten' by him during their stormy relationship. She claims she was so terrified at the time that she 'stuck her arm through a window pane' believing it was the only way to stop him beating her. She says, "There was a bruise on my back and I had ten stitches in my arm so it was pretty nasty."

Marc Bannerman has denied the assault.

Cerys and Marc In The Jungle
Marc and Cerys in the jungle
Someone else has also cashed in and has claimed that Marc Bannerman was a 'real baddie.' This time it's singer Sophia Port who was in panto with him.

Sophia port said, "He’s 14 years older than me but he used to try it on with me all the time. I didn’t know he had a girlfriend until she started turning up to all the shows. She was always checking up on him. She used to wait outside every night to make sure he didn’t go out with the cast."

Also a 25 year old barmaid from Northampton, Meg Raphael, reckons she romped with Marc prior to him joining I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Let's hope Cerys Matthews knows what she is doing as she seems very vulnerable. It wouldn't be pleasant to see her hurt. Cerys told Anna Ryder Richardson, "I’m so excited now about life outside. I’m so excited about coming out and preparing for Christmas."

Fingers crossed that it doesn't all end in tears.

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