Saturday, 29 November 2008

Dani Behr Calls Carly Zucker Talentless

Dani Behr bikini picCarly Z-Z-Z-Z-Zucker has been voted out. Dull or what?

Even the already evicted Dani Behr reckons that Carly is 'dull and talentless'. She said, "Carly was so quiet you’d forget she was there. I didn’t know who she was. She didn’t have any hidden talents as far as I could see."

Dani seems to have been impressed by Nicola McLean's boobs and she may now have an enlargement op herself. She said that after her kids were born her C cup disappeared. Now her breasts are are nice but small!

There will be a change tonight as the two celebs with the lowest votes will do a head to head Bushtucker Trial. The loser will leave the jungle straight away and only the winner will return back to camp.

Going back to Carly Zucker, before she disappears into the celebrity wilderness, she would like Nicola to win I'm A Celeb - which isn't really a surprise. She said about Nicola, "Meeting her changed me. We're really different but she's opened up my eyes to different things. She inspired me. I'd like her to win. She'll be like a dog pining in there but she's strong." Dog?

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Friday, 28 November 2008

2009 Calendar For Gemma Atkinson

Gemma Atkinson
Gemma Atkinson calendar
Going back to the previous I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Gemma Atkinson has her 2009 calendar now available: Gemma Atkinson 2009 Calendar

Stressed Carly Zucker Stays In Jungle

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here voters have seen through the likes of Dani Behr so she had to leave the jungle.

The attractive, but crying and dull, Carly Zucker managed to stay in by the skin of her teeth. Voters didn't react kindly to her 'stress because she has so much money' comment - see yesterday's post.

Carly Zucker Crying
Carly Zucker crying
Robert Kilroy Silk has been saying that, "... the show doesn't bear a lot of reality to what I saw happen in the camp."

Well it wouldn't as they are trying to get 24 hours of stuff into an hour programme. Plus, of course, the producers have their 'favourites' to screen for various reasons.

As for Nicola Mclean she thought a leech had bitten her on the breast and had to pull back her bikini top to inspect her boob. There is a photo of this on for over 18's only, otherwise you'll have to look at the photo below of Nicola instead.

Nicola McLean Changes Her Bikini Top
Nicola McLean changes her bikini yop
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Thursday, 27 November 2008

I'm A Celebrity Thoughts Of The Day

As we all no doubt know Robert Kilroy Silk was the first to be voted out of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here last night.

I was surpised but the editing for the show was slanted to favour normally unfavoured contestants. David, for example. The producers obviously want him to stay in for a while and you can see their point.

If we had a group that consisted of the likes of Carly Zucker, Dani Behr and Simon Webbe it would all be deadly dull and uninteresting.

Carly Zucker stressed bikini
Carly is a nice girl, good to look at, but as dull as ditch water. And what's this rubbish about her being 'stressed' last year because of all of her (his, surely) money. How weak is it to say, "I had a massive house that I couldn't control or clean. It took all day."

She wants a kick up the backside for spouting such garbage. Her boyfriend earns in the region of $80,000 a week. Lots of viewers probably earn less in a year than he does in a day and yet she's stressed!

Why doesn't she get some staff and pay them above the average wage to look after the house? Why doesn't she ... well lots of things, lots of the world needs help.

No wonder that even Lily Allen has slammed the celebrity culture for the wrong influence it has on young people.

So who will be the next to leave the jungle. Logically Brian Paddick but voting is a funny old thing. Just look at what happened with John Sergeant! And, of course, everything is manipulated towards certain celebs and away from others.

Personally I'd like to see the back of Timmy Mallett. He's more annoying than many of the jungle bugs.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

David van Day Smells

David van Day Bushtucker Trial
David van Day Bushtucker Trial
David van Day did okay in his I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Bushtucker Trial, which will be seen tonight. He managed nine stars and then spoilt it a little boasting, and at the same time knocking Nicola, by saying, "We’ll make a good meal out of it after three stars, God we’ll be full up … I shall be c*ck of the camp." The trial made him very smelly!

Nicola and Carly Notice David's Smell
Nicola and Carly turn up their noses at David's smell.
No Nicola McLean and David aren't the best of friends. She invited all of the contestants to her planned wedding - except for David and Timmy Mallett.

Tonight someone will be voted out. At the moment Brian Paddick is favourite with David not far behind in the betting stakes.

Joe Swash is still flattering Esther Rantzen, which does make some viewers cringe a little. He told her, "I think you’re a beautiful older lady with nice big boobies. If my wife looked like you when she gets to your age, I’d be over the moon, I’d be chuffed with that." Esther replied, "You are more than sweet to me." Ahhhh or Yukkk, depending on how you think of it.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Trouble In Paradise As Relatives Fly In

Dani Behr and Carly Zucker Bikini Clad
Dani Behr and Carly Zucker bikinis
Nicola McLean Bikini Pic
Nicola McLean pink bikini
Layla ManoochehriThere's been trouble in the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here camp. One newspaper even said 'Mallett Bashed By WAG.'

Timmy Mallett, understandably, has upset a few of the happy campers, especially Nicola and Carly and the Daily Star wrote, 'Nicola McLean tried to knock him out.' But they are prone to exaggerate to make a 'good' story.

Some of the relatives of the contestants are arriving in Australia for when the evictions start. Layla Manoochehri, was noticeable, she is a member of the X Factor group Girlband and also Simon Webbe's girlfriend. She came with a warning to the jungle girls saying, "Keep your hands off my man."

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Monday, 24 November 2008

Dani Behr Loses Her Virginity But Wins Bush Battle

Dani Behr Bush Battle
Dani Behr Bush Battle
Dani Behr has been a bit of a disappoinment so far in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. She's one of the highest pid but hasn't contributed to much entertainment. Dani won't be up for the first eviction as she wone her Bush Battle against oldies George and Esther.

One thing we did learn about Dani was that when she lost her virginity she had to hide in a wardrobe afterwards as the bloke's girlfriend arrived home!

Dani Behr in Bikini
Dani Behr In Bikini
Carly Zucker and Nicola LcLean are getting on well, they no doubt have a lot in common.

Carly Zucker and Nicola McLean Get Cosy Together
Carly Zucker and Nicola McLean Get Close And Personal
Timmy Mallett and David van Day are both very annoying so have done the I'm A Celeb producers proud. Timmy won all 12 stars in his Bushtucker Trial but, though not very pleasant, wasn't too difficult to achieve.

So David and Timmy say they want to be the next Ant and Dec - ha ha ha! David will be back in obscurity once he's left the jungle. He's not very nice is he? Though there may be a vulnerability underneath it all, perhaps that will win us over if it spills out.

Timmy Mallett and his Bushtucker Trial
Timmy Mallett Bushticker Trial
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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Nicola McLean

Nicola McLean Bikini Pic
Nicola McLean bikini
Nicola Mclean in her pink jungle I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here bikini.

Friday, 21 November 2008

The New I'm A Celebrity Shower Scene Photos

This years I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here girls are trying to make us forget all about previous favourites Myleene Kass and Gemma Atkinson and their shower scenes.

We have already seen Nicola McLean's spotted bikini but now they are all at the shower scenes: Nicola in a pink bikini this time along with Carly Zucker and Dani Behr plus the boys are joining in, see the photos also of Simon Webbe and Joe Swash.

Nicola McLean pink bikini shower
Carly Zucker bikini shower
Dani Behr bikini shower
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Simon Webbe shower
Joe Swash shower

Thursday, 20 November 2008

New Arrivals In I'm A Celebrity: Timmy Mallett and David Van Day

Robert Kilroy Silk
Robert Kilroy Silk
No I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here on the television last night but here are a few advance photos. Above is Robert Kilroy Silk doing his Bushtucker trial.

And below are two new arrivals in the jungle: Timmy Mallett, who we haven't mentioned before, and Dollar singer David Van Day, who we have mentioned.

Timmy Mallett
Timmy Mallett arrives in I'm A Celeb
David Van Day
 David Van Day arrives in hungle

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Carly Zucker In Her Bra With Nicola McLean

Carly Zucker in Bra With Nicola Mclean
Carly Zucker in bra
Carly Zucker in her bra attempts to get the male vote by letting Nicola McLean rub lotion into her back and shoulders. The media, before I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here started, seemed to think that these two would clash but they seem to be getting on very well.

The photo below shows Joe Swash and Robert Kilroy Silk following their Bushtucker Trial - which Joe won.

Joe Swash and Robert Kilroy Silk
Joe Swash and Robert Kilroy Silk Bushtucker Trial

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Nicola McLean Loves Crocodile Feet

Nicola McLean Bushtucker Trial
Nicola McLean eating a crocodile foot
Well no matter what the first impressions were of WAG Nicola McLean she did her camp proud in the Bushtucker trial. She got stuck into crocodile feet and other delicacies to beat the somewhat girly attempts by Joe Swash.

As for the other WAG, though a bit home sick, Carly Zucker also tried her best in the Celebrity Chest challenge against the awesome power of Martina Navratilova. Carly put up a good fight though.

Carly Zucker Celebrity Chest
Carly Zucker Celebrity Chest
Elsewhere we learnt that Esther Rantzen felt like walking out and Robert Kilroy-Silk was asking himself what he was actually doing there in the first place.

Oh yes, and Brian Paddick, after the gay vote, went naked in the shower. It seems they are pumping in warm water in the hope that the girls will follow suit.

And finally Joe Swash calls his manhood Alfie - not much you can add to that.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Nicola McLean Jungle Bikini Moment

Nicola McLean Bikini
Nicola McLean bikini
Well it had to happen, but much earlier than predicted. Yes ,we've had our very first jungle bikini shower scene. It looks like Nicola McLean is out to outdo Myleene Klass and Gemma Atkinson from previous years. No doubt it's one way to get the male vote, as long as she hasn't peaked too early.

And there will be more focus on Nicola tonight as she takes on Joe Swash for the I Scream Van Bushtucker Trial.

And for female viewers Simon Webbe stripped off for a wash.

So what do we gather from last night's first helping of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Firstly Martina Navratilova is going to be a contender for this series, she's not to be messed with. And George Takei might be in his 70's but seems to have a good attitude towards everything.

Looking at the contestants it's hard to pick out who will be sent packing first once the voting starts. Several could make interesting television, including the likes of the opinionated Robert Kilroy-Silk. If I had to pick the first it would probably have to be Esther Rantzen. Nothing ageist, but I can't see her developing into an interesting jungle mate. But it's early days and a lot depends on the editing by the producers.

As for the stomach churning moment so far it must be Esther offering a solution as to how to strain water. She told Robert, "I've got a clean pair of knickers with me."

Saturday, 15 November 2008

I'm A Celebrity Favourites For Eviction

Nicola McLean cleavageAccording to the bookies odds Nicola McLean's cleavage may not save her from eviction. They have her and Robert Kilroy Silk as joint favourites to be sent packing first at 20/1.

The favourite is still Joe Swash at 7/2.

It apears that when the celebs arrive in the jungle there will be two camps. A challenge will decide as to who goes into which camp.

The Home Camp is the best with decent sleeping arrangements and food. But as for the Away Camp things aren't so hot, with strange foods on the menu like emu and crocodile feet. No wonder they say that contestants may lose weight!

Gossip is that Carly Zucker is getting cold feet about the whole I'm a Celeb thing, especially as she's 'only' getting a reported £10,000. She's suddenly realised that she's not keen on creepy crawlies!

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Friday, 14 November 2008

I'm A Celebrity Gossip

Nicola McLean in her Page 3 daysSo Nicola McLean is under the impression that a lesbian style fling in the jungle wouldn't mean that she is being unfaithful to her boyfriend Tommy Williams. She may just be disappointed when she discovers that Martina Navratilova is the only fully fledged lesbian.

Nicola says that she would never cheat on her Tom and can easily handle going without sex for a few weeks as she once did so for 12 months.

Nicola's main worry is that she will lose weight while on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and that her boobs will shrink from their 32G size. Most celebs lose at least a stone while on the show.

It is said that David Van Day, the Dollar singer, is in Australia and may be sent into the jungle after the initial ten are settled. We mentioned him as an I'm A Celeb possible a while back.

Joe SwashJoe Swash is the bookies favourite at the moment but a better impression will be gained as to what these 'celebrities' are really like after the show kicks off.

Brian Paddick has said that he's in the running to become a Lord! Perhaps the jungle will scupper his chances. What on earth is he doing on the show anyway? He's an ex-copper not a celeb.

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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Nicola McLean and Carly Zucker Rumble In The Jungle

Nicola McLean cleavageThere's a rumble in the jungle before I'm A Celeb has even started, and it's about money - now there's a surprise.

Nicola McLean has found out that her £7,500 ($12,750) wage is a mere pittance to what Dani Behr is getting. Dani is receiving £40,000 ($79,900).

Nicola is non to pleased, well actually she's furious and very jealous. Of course the thing is that she agreed to the contract a while back so hard cheddar. She's not exactly a big name and actually admitted, "Yes, I know I'm not a celebrity." See Introducing Nicola McLean.

There is obviously a range of salaries for the celebs based on what the producers see as their worth. Examples: Carly Zucker is on £10,000, Martina Navratilova £30,000, Esther Rantzen £25,000, Robert Kilroy Silk £15,000 and George Takei £20,000.

It seems that Carly Zucker sided with Nicola and had to be persuaded to stay. The producers emphasised how the I'm A Celeb exposure could possibly land her many lucrative deals. And surely this is why these celebs go on the show in the first place. They've seen what it's done for others.

There are topless photos of Nicola McLean on CelebTease,com - over 18's only.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Celebrity Carly Zucker

Carly Zucker
Carly Zucker
What is a celebrity? Is Carly Zucker one for example?

I suppose being an I'm a Celeb contestant suddenly makes you one, even if you weren't previously.

Carly Zucker is a Fitness Instructor plus, of course, a WAG. She is engaged to Chelsea footballer Joe Cole and flashes a £50,000 ring. They are planning to marry in the summer of 2009.

She should be fit enough for the I'm A Celeb trials. She described her normal fitness regime:

"I walk the dogs every day. Joe and I enjoy doing that together. I probably do four gym sessions a week, 45 minutes to an hour each. I do free weights and cardio or core work. I eat sugar and I eat fat. I'm not on a particular diet. I just try to eat healthy natural British products rather than processed."

Why does she want to do I'm A Celeb?

When asked she replied, "Joe was keen for me to do the show. He's quite excited about everything. We've always said that as soon as he retires one of the things we'd like to do is go on safari and go and do bungee jumps and all crazy things that he can't do while he's a professional athlete. So I think by me doing this he's sort of living his part of his dream early by me doing it."

Maybe she should also have added, "To become a celebrity." Becoming the Queen of the Jungle could propel her to new heights - in more ways than one.

Carly reckons, "The public are going to realise I’m happy-go-lucky, relaxed, kind hearted and a people person really. But I’m not a typical girlie girl, I’m a dare devil."

She's already taking like a celeb - but we the public will draw our own conclusions in due course.

See also: Introducing Nicola McLean

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2008 Line Up

Nicola McLean
 Nicola McLean model I'm A Celebrity
Here is the official I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Line-Up. There are a couple of names which haven't been mentioned previously.

Esther Rantzen - Age 68
TV Presenter

Robert Kilroy Silk - Age 66
TV Presenter

Carly Zucker - Age 24

Joe Swash - Age 26

Nicola McLean - Age 25
Glamour Model

Martina Navratilova - Age 52
Ex Tennis Champion

Simon Webbe - Age 30

Dani Behr - Age 37
TV Presenter

George Takei- Age: 71

Brian Paddick - Age: 50
Former Police Deputy Commissioner

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

WAG Carly Zucker Heading For Jungle

Carly Zucker I'm A CelebAnother name thrown into the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here mix is WAG Carly Zucker, she's the girlfriend of Chelsea's Joe Cole.

The full 'official' I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Line Up should be released very soon now.

Monday, 10 November 2008

One I'm A Celebrity Drop Out Plus Danni Behr

Dani Behr I'm A CelebrityThe gossip is that Jimmy Pursey has pulled out of I'm A Celebrity Get me Out Of Here before it's even started. It seems he didn't like being stereotyped as a trouble making punk.

Another name mentioned, in additon to those mentioned in the previous post, as heading for the jungle is Dani Behr (also aka Danni/Danny Behr). Guess she needs a career boost.

The producers like to cause speculation to boost the publicity for the show and there are often a few red herrings thrown out.

It will be interesting to see, when the line up is officially published, how accurate the gossip and rumours have been.

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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Jo-Emma Larvin Could Be Heading For The Jungle

Jo-Emma Larvin
Sexy Jo-Emma Larvin
As the new series of I'm A celebrity Get Me Out Of Here approaches so does speculation about the line up. Gossip abounds but even And and Dec claim they don't know who'll be on their way to the jungle.

The latest name in the frame is Jo-Emma Larvin. She's the girlfriend of the boxer Jo Calzaghe and is in talks with the I'm A Celeb people. She's a former glamour model and could be one for the bikini showers. She is 27 and has been on television with Joe on the quiz Celebrity Mr and Mrs.

Others tipped strongly for the line up are Esther Rantzen, Candace Bushnell, Deena Payne, Shannon Elizabeth, Carmen Electra, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Joe Swash, Dwain Chambers, Robert Kilroy Silk and Jimmy Pursey. But we shall have to wait and see how accurate this is.

I'm A Celeb is due to start on November 16th on ITV1 at 9pm.

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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

2008 I'm A Celebrity Starts November 16

Jimmy Pursey with Sham69The 2008 I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is set to kick off on November 16th on ITV1 at 9pm.

The line up hasn't been announced but rumours are spreading, as you can see with previous posts on this blog.

The Daily Star today seems to think that punk rocker Jimmy Pursey could be thrown into the mix, but not right at the beginning. They hope he'll cause mayhem once the others have been in the jungle for a while. Jimmy was in Sham69 in the 70's, he now performs in Day 21

The Star also suggest Robert Kilroy Silk has been approached for I'm A Celeb 2008.

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