Saturday, 17 November 2007

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Rumbles

Gemma Atkinson showers in the jungleAre they just mirages? Jason Brown and Gemma Atkinson that is. The way in which I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is edited neither of them have imposed their personality on the show. They both look very nice, but it would be good to see a bit more of them actually doing something.

Perhaps it's a tactic. Stay in the background, stay out of trouble and then become King or Queen of the jungle. Time will tell.

Rumour About Richard and Fred
It's reported that the Right Said Fred brothers Richard and Fred Fairbrass have secretly jetted in to Brisbane. They’re staying at the Palazzo Versace hotel until ... well, until they are needed for I'm A Celeb. You may remember they were tipped to be contestants.

Gemma Loves Marcus
It's been let out of the bag that Gemma Atkinson is still smitten by footballer Marcus Bent. She is said to be pining for the Wigan striker while in the jungle.

The necklace she wears (the one with the 'G') is said to be from him, a present for her 23rd birthday.

She's doing okay while she's in I'm A Celeb though as the lingerie brand Ultimo is launching a new Gemma Atkinson swimwear collection. For some reason her specially made bikinis have generated a lot of attention.

Sarah Matravers - Marc's girlfriendMarc and Cerys Saga
Mark Bannerman told Christopher Biggins about what his girlfriend will think of him and Cerys Matthews, "She will be jealous and stuff at home I think or she'll be fretting that I'm about to run off with someone else I think."

But then what does Marc do? He cuddles up cosily with Cerys and tells her, "Well, this is nice darling. Do you miss having a little cuddle? Out in the wilderness. You feel so lonely don't you?"

Is it any wonder that the left at home Sarah Matravers has steam coming out of her ears.

Biggins on Beckham
Biggins knows Victoria and David and he sums them up by telling Rodney Marsh, "I love personally Beckham. I don’t like her. Euch, she’s horrible, the way he conducts himself is fantastic. Exemplary."

Rodney Marsh Sexist!
The albatross that is Rodney has been talking about his views on women. he was talking tongue in cheek, at least in part when he asked, "What has a woman ever invented?"

He followed this up with other searching questions such as: "How many women scientists are there?" and "Would you fly a plane flown by two women?"

His final remark about childbirth didn't exactly endear him to the girls, "I don't think it can be too painful actually. You know when you break a leg playing football that's got to be more painful."

He then backtracked a little and said, "It's a joke. Women have no sense of humour."

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