Saturday, 1 December 2007

Christopher Biggins I'm A Celebrity Winner

As expected Christopher Biggins was voted King Of The Jungle fortunately leaving Janice Dickinson and J Brown in second and third. Out of the three it had to be Biggins! So the bookies got it right.

Biggins burst into tears on hearing he had won but afterwards joked about the money he hoped to make. He thought that perhaps he could become a model for M&S like Myleene Klass. He laughed, "I buy my underwear from Marks. I should be the new model for the older, larger man."

Neil, Christopher Biggin's partner, was there to greet him. They went through a 'wedding' type ceremony last year.

So all ended happily with the right winner. Now if only Gemma Atkinson had a personality ... but, like J, nice and attractive but dull!

It's thought that Biggins will cash in considerably and should top a million earnings next year. The world is his oyster. Not bad for three weeks in the jungle.

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