Monday, 17 November 2008

Nicola McLean Jungle Bikini Moment

Nicola McLean Bikini
Nicola McLean bikini
Well it had to happen, but much earlier than predicted. Yes ,we've had our very first jungle bikini shower scene. It looks like Nicola McLean is out to outdo Myleene Klass and Gemma Atkinson from previous years. No doubt it's one way to get the male vote, as long as she hasn't peaked too early.

And there will be more focus on Nicola tonight as she takes on Joe Swash for the I Scream Van Bushtucker Trial.

And for female viewers Simon Webbe stripped off for a wash.

So what do we gather from last night's first helping of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Firstly Martina Navratilova is going to be a contender for this series, she's not to be messed with. And George Takei might be in his 70's but seems to have a good attitude towards everything.

Looking at the contestants it's hard to pick out who will be sent packing first once the voting starts. Several could make interesting television, including the likes of the opinionated Robert Kilroy-Silk. If I had to pick the first it would probably have to be Esther Rantzen. Nothing ageist, but I can't see her developing into an interesting jungle mate. But it's early days and a lot depends on the editing by the producers.

As for the stomach churning moment so far it must be Esther offering a solution as to how to strain water. She told Robert, "I've got a clean pair of knickers with me."

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