Thursday, 13 November 2008

Nicola McLean and Carly Zucker Rumble In The Jungle

Nicola McLean cleavageThere's a rumble in the jungle before I'm A Celeb has even started, and it's about money - now there's a surprise.

Nicola McLean has found out that her £7,500 ($12,750) wage is a mere pittance to what Dani Behr is getting. Dani is receiving £40,000 ($79,900).

Nicola is non to pleased, well actually she's furious and very jealous. Of course the thing is that she agreed to the contract a while back so hard cheddar. She's not exactly a big name and actually admitted, "Yes, I know I'm not a celebrity." See Introducing Nicola McLean.

There is obviously a range of salaries for the celebs based on what the producers see as their worth. Examples: Carly Zucker is on £10,000, Martina Navratilova £30,000, Esther Rantzen £25,000, Robert Kilroy Silk £15,000 and George Takei £20,000.

It seems that Carly Zucker sided with Nicola and had to be persuaded to stay. The producers emphasised how the I'm A Celeb exposure could possibly land her many lucrative deals. And surely this is why these celebs go on the show in the first place. They've seen what it's done for others.

There are topless photos of Nicola McLean on CelebTease,com - over 18's only.

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