Saturday, 29 November 2008

Dani Behr Calls Carly Zucker Talentless

Dani Behr bikini picCarly Z-Z-Z-Z-Zucker has been voted out. Dull or what?

Even the already evicted Dani Behr reckons that Carly is 'dull and talentless'. She said, "Carly was so quiet you’d forget she was there. I didn’t know who she was. She didn’t have any hidden talents as far as I could see."

Dani seems to have been impressed by Nicola McLean's boobs and she may now have an enlargement op herself. She said that after her kids were born her C cup disappeared. Now her breasts are are nice but small!

There will be a change tonight as the two celebs with the lowest votes will do a head to head Bushtucker Trial. The loser will leave the jungle straight away and only the winner will return back to camp.

Going back to Carly Zucker, before she disappears into the celebrity wilderness, she would like Nicola to win I'm A Celeb - which isn't really a surprise. She said about Nicola, "Meeting her changed me. We're really different but she's opened up my eyes to different things. She inspired me. I'd like her to win. She'll be like a dog pining in there but she's strong." Dog?

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