Friday, 28 November 2008

Stressed Carly Zucker Stays In Jungle

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here voters have seen through the likes of Dani Behr so she had to leave the jungle.

The attractive, but crying and dull, Carly Zucker managed to stay in by the skin of her teeth. Voters didn't react kindly to her 'stress because she has so much money' comment - see yesterday's post.

Carly Zucker Crying
Carly Zucker crying
Robert Kilroy Silk has been saying that, "... the show doesn't bear a lot of reality to what I saw happen in the camp."

Well it wouldn't as they are trying to get 24 hours of stuff into an hour programme. Plus, of course, the producers have their 'favourites' to screen for various reasons.

As for Nicola Mclean she thought a leech had bitten her on the breast and had to pull back her bikini top to inspect her boob. There is a photo of this on for over 18's only, otherwise you'll have to look at the photo below of Nicola instead.

Nicola McLean Changes Her Bikini Top
Nicola McLean changes her bikini yop
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