Saturday, 20 October 2007

Cerys Matthews Says It's Not A Jungle Fact

Cerys Matthews - not heading for jungle?Cerys Matthews, or Cerys Elizabeth Philip Matthews to be precise, has denied tabloid reports that she will appear on the November I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

The former Catatonia frontwoman, aged 38, has recently returned to Wales after divorcing her music producer husband.

Cerys said, "Well, I am now divorced. I've not done an interview about it. What am I meant to say? I was always going to come back. It's a long way from Pembrokeshire to Nashville. The pull for me was my children and the freedom they have here. In Nashville I was always an immigrant with two young children. I really did love it, I was at home there as an adult. I would have stayed, but I didn't feel ready for my children to not have the same background as me."

When asked about I'm A Celebrity Cerys Matthews answered, "Everyone asks me this. It's not a fact. I'm not on the blinking 'dancing with the stars' thing and they said I was going to be on there as well. I've only been in the country three days and they've got me on every single show."

So there you go, from the horses mouth so to speak. Cerys says she isn't heading for the jungle despite newspaper reports that she has been signed up and is ready to munch on those kangaroo 'thingies'.

Time will tell.

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