Thursday, 25 October 2007

Buddhist Koo Stark Heading For Jungle?

Koo Stark the photographerAnother of the rumoured I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! contestants is Koo Stark, but would she really do such a programme?

Koo was mainly famous for two things: being the lover of Prince Andrew in the early 80's and for her controversial part in the 1976 erotic film Emily. This includes an infamous shower scene of Koo with another woman.

Koo Stark in EmilyKoo Stark was born 26th of April, 1956 and was named as Kathleen Dee-Anne Norris. She is the daughter of American film producer Wilbur Stark and Kathi Norris. She has a daughter born in 1996, Tatiana, the father being Warren Walker, a millionaire banker.

Stark lives in London, with her daughter, and in 2002 was diagnosed with breast cancer which resulted in an emergency mastectomy. Her second breast had to be removed in 2003. Because of this she founded a cancer awareness agency Keep Abreast.

Koo Stark is a practicing Buddhist and is now a photographer.

A Buddhist in the jungle eating bugs and insects - unlikely!

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