Friday, 19 October 2007

Celebrity Phone Votes Scandal Plus Myleene Klass Photos

Myleene Klass bikini photoThe I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! news today is really the fall out from the 2006 series. By this I mean the ITV scandal regarding phone votes.

In the November 2006 vote, when Myleene Klass was a contestant, SMS votes closed three-and-a-half minutes early. This meant that any votes cast during this period would have been charged for but not counted or included in the result.

Myleene Klass jungle shower
This was supposedly caused by a human error and affected about 7% of the votes made. We are told that this would not have made any difference to the final outcome of the show. It was simply a case of voters wasting their money - refunds will be made.

Let's hope all of this will have no bearing on the 2007 series starting next month.

What all of this does do, though, is to give a good excuse for including snatched photos of Myleene Klass having a shower in the 2006 I'm A Celebrity!

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