Monday, 16 November 2009

Samantha Fox Is Looking Good

Samatha Fox and the water spider
Well you've got to hand it to Samantha Fox on the first I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here show. There she was with no make up and a big water spider in her mouth - not exactly the image for a previous glamour girl. But she's got guts and did what she had to do in the challenges without any bother. She could go a long way in the show.

Otherwise the pneumatic Katie Price (or is she once again Jordan?) is getting all of the news coverage, what with an argument with the producers and alegedly ignoring fans in Australia.

She wrote on Twitter: "Never underestimate the pricey!! Another journey begins lol xxxx"

So why is she going into the jungle? Katie/Jordan said: "I'm going back in because it's an amazing experience, I'm a working mum and I want closure on the fairytale that I had,"

Lucy Benjamin bikiniI've got no agenda, I'm not going to act any different, I'm just going to be myself. Obviously, six years on, I'm more mature, I'm wiser, and I shall just be myself. I don't think I've got any advantage over any other person going there, apart from I've experienced how hungry they really make you!"

I think there's a lot of people hoping she'll fall flat on her face - if that's physically possible for Katie, of course!

In the Bikini Under The Shower Jungle Stakes: Lucy Benjamin has taken the lead with her blue bikini while Sam let us all down wearing a one piece swim suit. Camilla Dallerup is quoted as saying, "I am worried about wearing my bikinis in camp. I fear I will be the only one without massive melons."

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