Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I'm A Celeb: Or Is It The Katie Price Show?

Katie Price jungle boobs
Welcome to the Katie Price Show. Sorry, meant I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! But it does seen as if she has taken over the show at the moment - and what's more the bookies haven't made her the first to be evicted. Guess they realise that the I'm A Celeb producers won't let this happen by careful editing.

At the moment they reckon Sabrina Washington is favourite to be the first to be sent packing, followed by Camilla Dallerup, Justin Ryan and Colin McAllister ... and then comes Katy at 7/1 if you want a bet.

As for the Katy Price Show, she says that she is in the jungle for two main reasons, in her words:

1. "This (I'm A Celeb) is a job for me - I'm a single mum who works to support her family and the money they were offering was very hard to turn down."

2. "If the way to get the public to like me again is to put me through my paces in the jungle, then that's what I'll have to do."

As far as the other bit players, Kim did well in her trial. She's got guts and got stuck in and won the maximum stars. Though she'll no doubt get on everyone nerves in the end and does seem obsessed with her boobs.

Camilla burst into tears - bless!

And back to the Katy Show: What has happened to her top lip? She has the look of a duck billed platypus about her and keeps covering her mouth to disguise this. Something not quite right.

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SInead said...

ITV have paid alot of money for her to go in there so they have to get their moneys worth!