Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Jedward For The Jungle - Surely Not

Jedward - John and EdwardThey would be mad if they did, but the rumours are that the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here bods want Jedward (John and Edward of X Factor fame) to replace Katie Price in the jungle. They have been reportedly offered £50,000 each to do so.

Crazy or what?

John supposedly asked: "Can we do that? Are we celebrities?" Well it hasn't stopped many other z-listers signing up on the chance that it could give them a career boost.

Now that Katy has left I'm A Celeb who is there, already in the jungle, to entertain us? Mmmmm, a difficult one.

You can see why the producers are scratching around for a big or controversial name to stimulate interest. And, whatever anyone thinks of Jedward, they would create an interest. But if they did enter the jungle they would surely be making a wrong move - even for £50,000.

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