Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Nicola McLean Denies She Copied Katie Price.

Nicole McLean bikini shower sceneNicole Mclean has denied suggestions that she may have set out to copy Katie Price while in the jungle, what with her shower and bikini scenes. She told New! magazine, "I have seen what Kate said, but I have nothing to say because she is an icon. I have massive amounts of respect for her. If I had a quarter of the success that she has had, it would be fantastic. But I don’t want to be anyone else – I want to be me."

Nicola added, "Kate doesn’t inspire me, but Pamela Anderson does. Kate is amazing looking, but she didn’t need the surgery [on her face]. She was beautiful before it. But Pamela is a legend. I used to watch Baywatch all the time."

It seems that Nicola will now 'star' in her own reality show. She said, "It will be mainly about me, but Tom and Rocky will be in it, too."

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